Alice's adventures in Wonderland :з

you want to sleep
Я несу пиздец. (c)
Черт, а мы закончили Алису *_*
Мне плевать, сколько это в итоге заняло времени, и что ее можно было бы прочитать за сутки, и что, говоря о сутках, я должна была это сделать, по меньшей мере, вчера или минувшей ночью, ну... Мне действительно за это стыдно хд
Но боже-боже-боже, да. We've finished. We did it. йеей. ♥
я чуть-чуть свечусь и хочу заявить, что ур.
Что, спасибо огромное за то, что подписалась на сумасшедшую идею, что подписалась на созданный флэшмоб прежде, чем я осознала, как это вообще должно выглядеть, что сидела рядом и мотивировала, ну и, черт, я не знаю, просто принимай заслуженные восторги.

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Пишет you want to smile:

Alice, you know c:

Well, this is the last post about Alice's adventures. Sorry that I've finished it so lately, but it is.
First of all, I would like to tell that I really happy that we did it. Sometimes we missed 'lessons's days', sometimes we mix it up, but we did it, yeeeah! We did that thing, which I (and you, as I know) couldn't even normally begin - a long while.
It was really funny. It was really strange. It was really abnormal and not in its right mind (that's just a synonym).

Sometimes I lost any logical connection and was interested 'if I read the right part? Maybe I've just missed some of them?'

«The first witness was the Hatter. He came in with a teacup in one hand and a piece of bread-and-butter in the other.»
I couldn't fail to say it', sorry xd I love this moment C:
and for the next-first his phrase too «`I beg pardon, your Majesty,' he began, `for bringing these in: but I hadn't quite finished my tea when I was sent for.'»
and I'd like to play him now :D

But ok. the whole and logical essay. I've got it.
The Hatter was brilliant. If I understood correctly (and I hope I did) he has already been drinking tea.. well, quite long time. Didn't he notice you smb?.. :D

That's lovely moment, that in Wonderland, which hasn't god any normal rules, no one should break the rules, even if there is no any possibility 'not to do' it.

You know, I want to point out that in this book, the clever things still sound... quite queerly.
For example, the phrase of king at the last part: «`Begin at the beginning,' the King said gravely, `and go on till you come to the end: then stop.'»
That's absolutely logically, doesn't it? However, it still looks quite... I don't know - strange and funny. And, yep, I love this quote xd

For a period of occasions Alice became more and more logical character. At the end she can see that there is no meaning at the verse. There is only a pack of cards - and of course one of them couldn't swim and of course, there is no danger for herself.
She became more logical and she is nearly to 'wake up'.
I cannot really become formed if I like it or no, frankly xd But it is.

But, I really glad that there was a cap of tea at the end :D ...yes, I couldn't leave it out and stop to say about tea the whole time xd

At the end it looks like she tried to get one of the 'real dream' (you know, осознанное сновидение, ну хд) and it also reminded that when I was a child or quite rarely for now - I used to love dreaming very much ♥ I don't know, but I really love this story. and it's really nice happy end ;p
That's a little bit pity for me that it's ended.
...however, I don't really want to begin the next part :D

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Ты крут!!)
И спасибо, на самом деле, больше мотивации исходило от тебя)))

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you want to sleep
Я несу пиздец. (c)
Dami~, а это неоднозначный вопрос х)
Это была рубрика "нууу, я вообще тебя пинаю, пошли читать, но если ты будешь соблазнять меня, я же соглашусь, мне самой лень". А ты не соблазняла х) поэтому!)

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{милый-милый единорог~}